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               Compost Maker
Compost Maker Speciation

Machine Makes Organic Manure@2Rupees/ton
Compost Aerator turns agri. waste into farm boost
Dhonsi Mechanizations, Padampur, Rajasthan

  • A special feature of the Compost Aerator is that it has unique gearbox so geared that it can process thousands of tons of agriculture waste and domestic refuse in a day; and it works with 50-60 hp double-clutch tractor.
  • The gearbox is a technological innovation to help reduce the load at the top, lessen fuel consumption and cost, and increases the working capacity of the machine.
  • The gearbox is made of chrome steel that increases machine’s life and capacity.
  • The router blade is fixed at perfect angle that is a technological feat, by which fine cutting and turning of thousands of tons of waste can be carried out. It is made of carbon steel and suffers no wear and tear.
  • This machine makes compost out of cow-dung, domestic refuse, fallen leaves, vegetable and fruit waste, putrefying matter from the roadside, plant waste and so on. It takes the waste load by itself. After trolleys of waste are dumped in heaps, the machine mounted on a tractor collects the waste from a side. It finely cuts the waste, turns it from one side to the other and around, while injecting water into the mix. It then lifts up the entire mix and leaves a trail of waste in a long line behind. The organic waste is thus processed and turned into manure.
  • A provision is there in the machine to supply water at the rate of 8 to 50 litres per minute through the nozzles and a mechanism to regulate the quantity of water.
  • A hydraulic system is put in place by which the router box can be raised or lowered.
  • The water tank in the machine has 2000 litre capacity.
  • It has a system by which water can be pumped into the tank from a lake or pond.    
  • The existing machines in the country take 6 to 8 months for the entire process of compost-making. The per ton cost of compost made with these machines works out to ` 3000 to ` 4000. The Compost Aerator fabricated by Dhonsi Mechanizations reduces the long period of 6-8 months to 20 to 45 days and the huge cost of `3000 to ` 4000 per ton incurred by conventional machines to just 2 Rupees per ton. Not only that, the organic nature of the manure is strictly controlled. The machine maintains the temperature below 55 Degrees by which the worms and insects that improve soil fertility continue to thrive during the entire process. As a result, the manure made by the machine fares better than other compost-making machines and works out cheaper and beneficial for the farmers.
  • To process 1200 tons of farm waste (or 300 trolley loads), the machine takes 1 hour.
  • Likewise, to process 12,000 tons farm waste (3000 trolley loads), the machine takes 10 hours.
  • A tractor requires diesel of 40 litres (`2380) to work for 10 hours.
  • A driver takes ` 500 as payment to work for 10 hours.
  • To make 12,000-ton organic manure, 10 hours of tractor duty is required four times, spread over 20-45 days, i.e. 40 hours.
  • The driver and diesel cost for 40 hours amount to ` 11400.
  •  The fully prepared compost costs 2 Rupees per ton or 20 paise per quintal!
  • The output of the machine is the maximum and expenses minimum. This enables the farmers to get organic manure very cheap and in a matter of days.
  • The maintenance cost of the machine is nil. It weighs 26.36 quintals.
  •   When the machine is running, the height of the box is 202”, and while moving on the road 97”; the height of the machine while running is 61”, and while moving on the road 144”; and machine’s length with hook 169” and chassis height 55”.
  • To put it in simple words, the Dhonsi M/C is highly beneficial and cheaper for farmers.
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